Chacala Community Calendar

Jan. 1
New Year's Day
Jan. 6
Three King's Day — official end of Christmas holiday.
Feb. 4-12
In neighboring Las Varas: Candlelit pilgrimages to Cathedral for Celebration of Patron Saint Virgen de Guadalupe and big town party with lots of food, shopping, carnival games, rides, and dancing.
March 21
Primavera Spring Celebration — pre-school children dress-up as flowers and animals and parade thru the streets of neighboring Las Varas.
March/April (dates vary)
Semana Santa — Holy week and the week following Easter Sunday - Chacla swells as hundreds of families flock to                 the coast for the 2 week Spring Break
June 1
Dia del Marinero 'Sailors' Day' — community event held at the boat dock featuring a parade, folkloric  
dances, boat  rides, food, and after-dark live band with dancing under the stars. 

Sept. 15-16  Mexican Independence Day Celebration

Oct. 16-24   Celebration of San Rafael, Patron Saint of Chacala. Daily church bells morning and night and processions through  town, ending on the 24th with a community party, food, and dancing at the elementary school in Chacala.


Nov. 20  Mexican Revolution Day

Dec. 12   National Virgen de Guadalupe Celebration, Patron Saint of Mexico
Dec. 20,21,or 22 
EBACH, the local educational scholarship program in Chacala, hosts a traditional Posada with pinatas and 

Dec. 24   Christmas Eve
Dec. 31   New Years Eve